Skin Prep

SKIN PREP IS CRUCIAL FOR A FLAWLESS TAN!!! PLEASE FOLLOW THRU WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS AND DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR OR SHAVE THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT!~If you shave the day of your appointment your tan WILL NOT take in certain places and you will not be a happy golden goddess.

~Exfoliate at least 24 hrs before appt.

~If you need to shower before the appt it should be done at least 4 hrs prior to appt.

*only use cool water to rinse body off since many soaps,conditioners etc leave a residue that creates a barrier for the spray tan*

~Do not shower immediately before the session. This will cause your pores to open leaving a ‘freckled’ look.

~No lotions, makeup, deodorant, perfume or any other products should be used after final shower.

~If you have to wear deodorant take a damp washcloth with cool water and wipe off before your appointment. 

~A robe is ideal to wear right after your spray if you feel the need to cover up but I’m completely comfortable with you drying nude. You’re in your own home! If you do not have a robe wear VERY baggy sweats, nothing with a fitted waistband.

~Do not wear a bra until you shower for the first time after your spray. It will rub off your skin and onto your bra.