Get your legs summer time ready!

A good brow wax and shaping makes for a drastic before and after

Makeup and spray tan for prom. I aim for natural looking results every time.

Gorgeous makeup for prom!

This bride is looking absolutely stunning with her natural looking spray tan😍😍😍Don’t be afraid of looking orange in your big day!

Solid skin prep will get you flawless results like this every time

Spray tans are definitely not just for the ladies anymore!😎It is a proven fact that a tan makes your muscles look more defined!

3 sets of before/after of 3 lovely ladies with 3 diff skin tones. All sprayed with the light solution; some DHA drops added for intensity in 2nd tan

Here’s a before and after of a new client who was VERY skeptical about how a spray tan would look on her fair skin. She’s not someone who tans naturally she burns after long sun exposure but always wanted that tan healthy glow you get from being sun kissed. That’s why I love the SJolie products because you can literally customize the solution to give your client the perfect tan for their skin tone! Needless to say I turned this lovely lady into a spray tan believer

Simple set up! I don’t need much for your appt just access to an outlet and a small space for the tent. It can be done outdoors or indoors…it just happened to be a lovely day out that day and we had access to an outlet outside😉. If you prefer indoors that’s perfect too! There’s no harsh fumes and the tent protects against any overspray!