Spray Tan Problems

Tan didn’t come out how you hoped?? I go above and beyond to give you a natural looking tan that you’ll love but sometimes things happen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again folks solid skin preparation before your appointment is CRUCIAL! We want your skin to be a smooth blank canvas for the tan to go on. That being said many clients believe exfoliating or even showering is a good idea right before their appointment. NOOOOO! What happens when you do this is that you are opening up your pores with the warm water of the shower and whatever you are exfoliating with. Open pores right before a spray tan cause the bronzer in the solution to settle in your open pores which causes specks to form on your legs and all over. Nobody likes speckled legs! Yes it’s a good idea to exfoliate but keep the exfoliation, shaving, waxing and pedicures to at minimum 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you feel you must shower right before your appointment make sure you use cold water with no soaps or lotions. Any product on the skin is going to create a barrier against the spray tan and it will not go on evenly or stick to the skin. The tan will sit on top of the film that the products cause and will wash off once you’ve showered. This goes for deodorants and perfumes as well. A product line that I love to use myself day to day but is the absolute WORST to use prior to a spray tan is any Dove product. They are super moisturizing and contain a slew of oils and moisturizers. If you’ve found that your tan is streaky once it’s been washed for the first time that could be caused by shaving too close to your appointment. Shaving creams and razors with moisturizing strips can leave a film blocking the absorption of the tanner. In some cases the bronzer isn’t completely washed off so try and give it another rinse and see if that helps! Did your tan come out really light? I do aim for natural results to avoid any orange tans but if you feel as though you are lighter on some parts of your body and tan on others chances are you showered way too close to your appointment time. This is to be avoided at all costs because it prevents the sunless tan from absorbing onto the skin. Did your tan come out patchy? Once again the culprit is showering, shaving or exfoliating too close to your appointment time. 24 hours! Stick to the 24 hour rule every time. Rushing to put fitted clothing items is another HUGE mistake we want to avoid. I understand modesty and the need to cover up in front of a stranger but attempting to put on your bra or pants right after a spray tan literally kills a small piece of my soul every time! The beauty of me going to YOU for your appointment is that you are in the comfort of your own home and you can let you tan dry without any clothes on and no rush to get dressed right after! Any kind of material consistently rubbing against a fresh spray tan is going to cause lines. So keep your birthday suit on and I’ll let myself out😉! As always you can call or text 661-204-6223 to book an appointment for a natural looking spray tan that you’ll love! 


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