First Spray Tan Jitters


So you want to get a spray tan but have no clue what to expect? Rest assured I totally get it! My first spray tan I had no idea what to expect. Should I be completely naked? Do  I want to be totally naked in front of a stranger? Is the girl gonna judge my cellulite and such? How am I supposed to stand? Maybe I’ll just go topless but with bottoms…but what kinda bottoms? Phew! Honestly all the answers are pretty simple. You do whatever you are most comfortable with. Want to wear your bikini instead of going nude? Perfect. Just make sure you don’t wear a bikini that’s white or one that you’d care about getting bronzer on. Hate tanlines and want to go nude? If you’re comfortable then I’m comfortable. I’m not looking at any of your flaws that you hate or secretly judging. I’m purely focused on giving you a flawless natural looking spray tan. I direct you exactly how I want you to stand during the spray and I give you post and prep instructions for the best results possible. Have tan lines you need filled in for a strapless dress? Girl I got you! So don’t be afraid of the unknown any longer and get yourself a natural glowing spray tan that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth! Call or text 661-204-6223 to book your appt!


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