Shaving Post Spray Tan

Even though I would HIGHLY recommend shaving as little as possible post spray tan I also know that sometimes you GOTTA! So here’s some tips to help you extend your tan and still getting those pesky leg hairs😉.

Always use a sharp fresh razor. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Dull razors drag dead skin along with the hairs which in turn takes your tan along with them. This can cause your tan to fade unevenly and leave patches in the areas where you shaved.

I know we’ve all been there as ladies and used the shampoo to shave our legs a time or two. Just use the other bottle with conditioner and save on shaving creams or always using your body wash. Most conditioners don’t have mineral oil or alcohol in them which dries out your skin and causes your tan to fade which makes them ideal to shave with.

Lastly you can keep your razor fresh and sharp for longer when you rinse after usage and then soak in either an olive oil or rubbing alcohol. This is especially important during the summer months because we shave more hence dulling the razors quicker. Hope these tips helped and you can always call or text 661-204-6223 to book your appt!


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