Prepping for your spray tan

How important is it to prep correctly before your tan? CRUCIAL! All the bad things that you hear about spray tans can be avoided with the right prep. It’s so important to exfoliate and shave at least 24 hours before your appt. The smoother the skin the more smooth and even the tan goes on. Freshly showered skin with no lotion or deodorant is the ideal skin for spray tanning. Any soaps, lotions, perfumes etc create a barrier for the spray tan and can cause of a patchy or freckled look in your tan. Also keep your tan-pectations reasonable. If you’re someone who is fair skinned and burns easily as opposed to tanning stick to a light tan solution. If you tan easily and burn rarely you can definitely get away with the medium or dark solutions. Additional DHA drops can be added to any of my solutions to add intensity to the color. Moral of the story: prep your skin right and you’ll always have a smooth glowing tan that you love! Call or text 661-204-6223 to book your appt!💋


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