Making the most of your spray tan 

There are so many myths about spray tans and most of them are caused by poor prep or poor after care. If you prep correctly and take care of your tan with lots of lotion and water intake most tans fade away with no blotchy patches. It’s also very important to have as smooth and clean a canvas as possible so it’s very important to exfoliate at least 12 hrs prior to your appt and do any shaving you need to do because any shaving or exfoliating after the tan has been applied will come off in patches. Any exposure to water or sweat will fade or wipe off the tan but nothing disenigrates a spray tan faster than chlorine. So please for the love of god stay out of pools! As your spray tan fairy I promise to do everything I can to give you a nice even and natural looking tan but ya gotta help me help you! Keep your skin plenty moisturizer with a thick lotion. Think body butters. Drink a ton of water to keep the skin hydrated and enjoy your glowing tan until we meet again! Call or text 661-204-6223 to book your appt!


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