First Spray Tan Jitters


So you want to get a spray tan but have no clue what to expect? Rest assured I totally get it! My first spray tan I had no idea what to expect. Should I be completely naked? Do  I want to be totally naked in front of a stranger? Is the girl gonna judge my cellulite and such? How am I supposed to stand? Maybe I’ll just go topless but with bottoms…but what kinda bottoms? Phew! Honestly all the answers are pretty simple. You do whatever you are most comfortable with. Want to wear your bikini instead of going nude? Perfect. Just make sure you don’t wear a bikini that’s white or one that you’d care about getting bronzer on. Hate tanlines and want to go nude? If you’re comfortable then I’m comfortable. I’m not looking at any of your flaws that you hate or secretly judging. I’m purely focused on giving you a flawless natural looking spray tan. I direct you exactly how I want you to stand during the spray and I give you post and prep instructions for the best results possible. Have tan lines you need filled in for a strapless dress? Girl I got you! So don’t be afraid of the unknown any longer and get yourself a natural glowing spray tan that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth! Call or text 661-204-6223 to book your appt!


Why spray tan?

 Spray tans haven’t gotten the best rap in the past but they’re becoming more and more popular because of all the benefits and also because we’re all a lot more informed about the harms of the harsh sunlight. I get it. You don’t want to look like an Oompa Loompa. Nobody does. But I did a TON (we’re talkin sleepless nights people!) of research on different brands of sunless tan products and came across the SJolie brand. They’re family owned and operated and only use the most natural and beneficial ingredients. This is important when it comes to a product your applying to your skin! This also helps prevent that orange look EVERYONE is so afraid of! Using only organic and vegan ingredients makes for a natural looking spray tan. So stop being afraid of the spray tan and call or text 661-204-6223 to book an appointment today!

Fall Skin Care Tips!

Yaaaassssss…FALL!!! My time to shine if we’re being honest with each other. All the colors changing and massive Halloween candy displays found in any given store really just make the inner basic girl inside me come alive. I don’t know about you but whenever the seasons change my skin freaks out like a kid realizing he just lost his mom inside Macy’s. Every…season…this happens to me. And if I’ve learned anything in my prime time it’s that you really gotta listen to skin.

 Tip #1…Try switching your face wash out for something cream based that’s moisturizing. We get in habits of using a certain soap or lotion because we like them for that time being but what works for us in summer isn’t always going to work for us in the colder months to follow. We’re all trying to keep the oil and sweat at bay during these scorching summer months so if you’re like me you’re using a gel or foaming cleanser to deep clean day and night and your skin is going to put a halt to that as soon as the trees start to change and the temps drop. See because your skin isn’t so hot and overheated all the time it’s not producing as much oil which causes breakouts, so if you’re still using these potentially drying soaps that are good for Summer your skin will be stripped of moisture once Fall hits. Which causes that awful dryness we all hate in our skin and we just can’t seem to drink enough water! Which brings me to my next tip…

Tip #2…DRINK YOUR WATER!!!! I’ve said this so many times and given multiple reasons why water is the elixir to life that is why I’m not even getting into it again…just drink it…all day…everyday…watch what it does for your skin! 

Tip #3…Use a toner right after washing your face to bump up the moisture factor. Look for one that’s alcohol free or you will get the opposite of what you’re trying to do which is moisturize. Anything with alcohol in it is going to strip the moisture from your skin. To keep your skin cells alive and happy and looking their best you gotta think of them as lil fishies…THEY NEED WATER!!! Follow up your toner with your moisturizer to seal in all the stuff in the toner that’s gonna make your skin soft and happy. 

Tip #4…Use a heavier moisturizer in the colder months. So if you’re using those lotion sprays or something light like that for your lotion during the summer months bump it up to something oil based or a thicker cream. Skin care is about trial and error so you may have to try different things until you find what works for ya but nobody ever said it was easy to be a girl with good skin. 

Tip #5…EXFOLIATE!!!! I cannot stress how important it is to exfoliate on the regular. It helps regenerate new skin cells which brightens and repairs your complexion. It’s so important to exfoliate if you’re prone to breakouts because it gets rid of the dead skin cells that trap oil in your pores. It also reduces skin discoloration or acne scars if you get into a solid routine of exfoliating. When exfoliating your body during the Fall and Winter use an oil based exfoliant.

Good skin is something that takes effort but once you get into good habits you’ll know when the seasons change that you’ll have to make some changes too. Basically drink your water…moisturize your skin and mind your own business✌🏼

The Worst Body Washes For A Spray Tan!

JUST SAY NO! No to these body washes when you wanting to keep your tan looking it’s best the longest! They are chock full of things that will strip your tan as you are showering. The typical skin turnover rate, which is how often your skin sheds is 5 to 10 days…that being said, how well you prep your skin and how you take care of it after your spray will absolutely affect how evenly your tan sticks and for how long. The tan will always come off first in areas where you sweat often or get warm often such as in between the boobs…inside of your arms and thighs…as well as the neck and face. Your facial spray tan is only going to last you about 3 days folks…sorry to say it because most people wash their faces multiple times a day with facial washes that are going to cause your skin shed and turnover sooner than the rest of your skin. Especially if you are using any acne face washes. Now I’m not saying don’t use your regular face wash if you’re on a solid regimen ESPECIALLY for acne…I’m just sayin that you can’t expect the tan to still be hangin on like a champ when you’ve been taking salicylic acid to it once a day! So make sure when you’re prepping your skin to exfoliate *gently mind you! Nobody’s expecting you to scrub yourself raw over here* a lil more in the areas you are known to have your tans fade first or the quickest. And when you’re shopping for a body wash for after your spray tan LOOK AT THE LABELS! It should not contain any sulfates, alcohol, dyes or mineral oil. DO NOT USE BAR SOAPS! Unless they’re an all natural soap stay away! Look for a mild shower gel that you can lightly rinse off with day to day and isn’t going to be stripping away at your tan while you shower. I also share other lil tips and tricks on how to keep your tan looking it’s best as long as your skin will allow at your appointment so text 661-204-6223 to book or with any pricing inquiries! 

Man Tans!

So I kinda get kinda don’t get some men’s aversion to a spray tan. Are men THAT different from us women that they really aren’t bothered by pasty full looking skin that probably hasn’t seen the light of day since mid October??? Are women the only ‘vein’ ones who care about ‘superficial’ *im using quotes because I thing it’s ridiculous for anyone to think a solid spray tan is a frivolous unnecessary thing* beauty regimens such as spray tanning??? And the answer to that my friends is…ABSOLUTELY NOT! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked a male friend or coworker about getting a spray tan and it’s all rejection at the idea and I’m just not one to take rejection well so I’ve made it my absolute mission to get a serious male clientele because EVERYONE looks good with a tan! Fellas! This. Is. Not. A. Big. Deal. As many men that have simply balked at the idea of a spray tan you should see the seed being planted in their man brains when I show them some before and after pics! Your muscles are WAY more defined and your overall appearance is healthier looking. I make it as easy and simple as possible by going to you with my set up and give you step by step prep and aftercare instructions. Most appointments last only 20 mins and are 100% professional. If you think your significant other isn’t going to notice and APPRECIATE quite frankly a lil color on your skin then you sirs are mistaken. So stop being AFRAID of the unknown and call or text 661-204-6223 with any inquiries or to book your appointment! Cmon! Be a man!😉

Spray Tan Problems

Tan didn’t come out how you hoped?? I go above and beyond to give you a natural looking tan that you’ll love but sometimes things happen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again folks solid skin preparation before your appointment is CRUCIAL! We want your skin to be a smooth blank canvas for the tan to go on. That being said many clients believe exfoliating or even showering is a good idea right before their appointment. NOOOOO! What happens when you do this is that you are opening up your pores with the warm water of the shower and whatever you are exfoliating with. Open pores right before a spray tan cause the bronzer in the solution to settle in your open pores which causes specks to form on your legs and all over. Nobody likes speckled legs! Yes it’s a good idea to exfoliate but keep the exfoliation, shaving, waxing and pedicures to at minimum 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you feel you must shower right before your appointment make sure you use cold water with no soaps or lotions. Any product on the skin is going to create a barrier against the spray tan and it will not go on evenly or stick to the skin. The tan will sit on top of the film that the products cause and will wash off once you’ve showered. This goes for deodorants and perfumes as well. A product line that I love to use myself day to day but is the absolute WORST to use prior to a spray tan is any Dove product. They are super moisturizing and contain a slew of oils and moisturizers. If you’ve found that your tan is streaky once it’s been washed for the first time that could be caused by shaving too close to your appointment. Shaving creams and razors with moisturizing strips can leave a film blocking the absorption of the tanner. In some cases the bronzer isn’t completely washed off so try and give it another rinse and see if that helps! Did your tan come out really light? I do aim for natural results to avoid any orange tans but if you feel as though you are lighter on some parts of your body and tan on others chances are you showered way too close to your appointment time. This is to be avoided at all costs because it prevents the sunless tan from absorbing onto the skin. Did your tan come out patchy? Once again the culprit is showering, shaving or exfoliating too close to your appointment time. 24 hours! Stick to the 24 hour rule every time. Rushing to put fitted clothing items is another HUGE mistake we want to avoid. I understand modesty and the need to cover up in front of a stranger but attempting to put on your bra or pants right after a spray tan literally kills a small piece of my soul every time! The beauty of me going to YOU for your appointment is that you are in the comfort of your own home and you can let you tan dry without any clothes on and no rush to get dressed right after! Any kind of material consistently rubbing against a fresh spray tan is going to cause lines. So keep your birthday suit on and I’ll let myself out😉! As always you can call or text 661-204-6223 to book an appointment for a natural looking spray tan that you’ll love! 

Shaving Post Spray Tan

Even though I would HIGHLY recommend shaving as little as possible post spray tan I also know that sometimes you GOTTA! So here’s some tips to help you extend your tan and still getting those pesky leg hairs😉.

Always use a sharp fresh razor. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Dull razors drag dead skin along with the hairs which in turn takes your tan along with them. This can cause your tan to fade unevenly and leave patches in the areas where you shaved.

I know we’ve all been there as ladies and used the shampoo to shave our legs a time or two. Just use the other bottle with conditioner and save on shaving creams or always using your body wash. Most conditioners don’t have mineral oil or alcohol in them which dries out your skin and causes your tan to fade which makes them ideal to shave with.

Lastly you can keep your razor fresh and sharp for longer when you rinse after usage and then soak in either an olive oil or rubbing alcohol. This is especially important during the summer months because we shave more hence dulling the razors quicker. Hope these tips helped and you can always call or text 661-204-6223 to book your appt!

Prepping for your spray tan

How important is it to prep correctly before your tan? CRUCIAL! All the bad things that you hear about spray tans can be avoided with the right prep. It’s so important to exfoliate and shave at least 24 hours before your appt. The smoother the skin the more smooth and even the tan goes on. Freshly showered skin with no lotion or deodorant is the ideal skin for spray tanning. Any soaps, lotions, perfumes etc create a barrier for the spray tan and can cause of a patchy or freckled look in your tan. Also keep your tan-pectations reasonable. If you’re someone who is fair skinned and burns easily as opposed to tanning stick to a light tan solution. If you tan easily and burn rarely you can definitely get away with the medium or dark solutions. Additional DHA drops can be added to any of my solutions to add intensity to the color. Moral of the story: prep your skin right and you’ll always have a smooth glowing tan that you love! Call or text 661-204-6223 to book your appt!💋